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PDL/CDi History: PDL1 to PDL4 Datalogger
PDL/CDi History: CDi or CDi1 or PDL5
PDL/CDi History: CDi2/PDL6, the PDL that Wasn't
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0:

PDL/CDi History: Pembina Lake Erie Datalogger
PDL/CDi History: P5 Switcher
PDL/CDi History: P7 Switcher
PDL/CDi History Version 2.0

PDL/CDi History: ZDL5 Switcher
PDL/CDi History: CDi3.FTe Switcher
PDL/CDi History: CDi3.RMe Switcher
PDL/CDi History: Remote 900 MHz RF Link
PDL/CDi History: CDi99 Libby Flow Meter
PDL/CDi History: CDi99 (PDL5) Fish Farm Controller, Libby Flowmeter
  • Hi, I am CDi99...
  • Adam built me in late '98, after the Trustco thing...
  • Yes... that one. I used to be a PDL4 rectangular thing made of thick aluminum, but thanks to Hibby's infinite wisdom and thanks to some incredibly smart fish (tilapia) in Port Ryerse, my designer had the opportunity to add some features and to port my DOS software to Windows. Sure, I'm still kind of rectangular, but now the corners are rounded and the metal is gone, put away the grinder, I don't need to be "cleaned-up".
  • I am a PDL5 with a keyboard and fancy and pricey VF (Vacuum Fluorescent) display. I have been flow-metering on the rig since May, 2001. I have no off-switch so I've been powered-up since '98 and I mean I've been powered-up since '98, 24/7...
1999. CDi99 (PDL5) Prototype
2000. CDi99 (PDL5) Digital Output Box
2000. Piggyback board with 8 isolated DO (Dissolved Oxygen) amplifiers. Only half board shown.
February 2000. 2 CDi99 (PDL5) controllers at a research fish farm in Lindsay, Ontario
Summer 2000. 3 CDi99 (PDL5) controllers at a fish farm in Port Ryerse, Ontario
May 2001. CDi99 (PDL5) Flowmeter on the rig
April 27 2011. A little beat-up but still here!!!
April 2012. CDi2(P6) is used to calibrate CDi99(P5)
April 2013. CDi2 on its way to becoming CDi4...
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