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PDL/CDi History: PDL1 to PDL4 Datalogger
PDL/CDi History: CDi or CDi1 or PDL5
PDL/CDi History: CDi2/PDL6, the PDL that Wasn't
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0:

PDL/CDi History: Pembina Lake Erie Datalogger
PDL/CDi History: P5 Switcher
PDL/CDi History: P7 Switcher
PDL/CDi History Version 2.0

PDL/CDi History: ZDL5 Switcher
PDL/CDi History: CDi3.FTe Switcher
PDL/CDi History: CDi3.RMe Switcher
PDL/CDi History: Remote 900 MHz RF Link
PDL/CDi History: CDi99 Libby Flow Meter
PDL/CDi History: PDL1 to PDL4 Dataloggers
PDL3 Datalogger
  • Adam wrote the original PDL specification in February, 1995. PDL work commenced upon acceptance shortly thereafter, so the period from mid-1995 to the end of 1998 marks the development of the PDL1 to PDL4 boards and associated firmware and software. PDL1 boards were first produced in late '96, here are the films from September, 1996.
  • Many different configurations were built, some had a third transmitter for casing / line sensing, some were hybrids being housed in the old PLED SS cylinder.
  • Adam's PDL4 manual in pdf form is here.
1996. Loggerland1 bench. Computer running RTMS (daddy to WinRTMS) and aluminum box with PDL1 board in it. This very simple setup has proven extremely reliable and versatile... most are still around.
October 1996. Loggerland1. First ever aluminum boxes with PDL1 boards in them were eventually installed that year and found alive and well in the spring of 1997. You know the rest of the story...-
1997. Loggerland1 bench. The aluminum box was lengthened by someone to accommodate the solenoid.
1997-1998. Almost certain this was the intermitter at 100N. Worked for as long as it could. Maintenance subsequently proved almost impossible.
Thankfully, maintenance personnel is never far...
1997-1998. Could be the 90C junction intermitter.
Summer 1998. Loggerland2 bench. Note there are: 2 actuators, 2 solenoids, 1 PDL4 board, and a battery mounted permanently on the wall.
Summer 1998. Loggerland2 shop floor. Single-actuator Trustco junctions.
Summer 1998. Loggerland2. Gas storage vessels.
Summer 1998. Dock. Removed dual Trustco junction.
Summer 1998. Loggerland2. Pre-wired buoys.
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