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PDL/CDi History: PDL1 to PDL4 Datalogger
PDL/CDi History: CDi or CDi1 or PDL5
PDL/CDi History: CDi2/PDL6, the PDL that Wasn't
PDL/CDi History Version 1.0:

PDL/CDi History: Pembina Lake Erie Datalogger
PDL/CDi History: P5 Switcher
PDL/CDi History: P7 Switcher
PDL/CDi History Version 2.0

PDL/CDi History: ZDL5 Switcher
PDL/CDi History: CDi3.FTe Switcher
PDL/CDi History: CDi3.RMe Switcher
PDL/CDi History: Remote 900 MHz RF Link
PDL/CDi History: CDi99 Libby Flow Meter
PDL/CDi History: CDi2.P6, the PDL that Wasn't
CDi2.P6 Prototype
  • Newer hardware platform based on the Zilog s180 meant to eventually replace its PDL divine predecessors.
  • Development started early in 2000, on Adam's own time... had to sell a million beers to support the R&D, really, really, and continued strongly until 2004 or so. It was never implemented as a CDi/PDL in the lake because the pressure transducer/transmitter technology of the day didn't deserve it. Adjust this, calibrate that, why bother? Some consideration was given to the HART bandwaggon but no benefit to the lake operation was identified.
  • So little CDi2.P6 was put on the back burner, until the Keller discovery. It has since become the CDi3.P7, all-digital Lake Erie workhorse.

Summer 2000. CDi2.P6 memory board
Summer 2000. CDi2.P6 memory board
July 2002. CDi2.P6 prototype
July 2002. CDi2.P6 prototype
July 2002. CDi2.P6 prototype
July 2002. CDi2.P6 prototype being tested on the Andrea Marie
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