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P7 Board Assembly Pictures
Keller Transmitter Assembly
Keller Transmitter Assembly
RF Work
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Burkert Solenoid Modifications
LF Work
Vinyl Works
RF Work
Offshore modems soaking up the sun.... Dain City.
Boards and batteries
Port Alma original package...
January 2010. Smart charger board design.
April 2010. Master modem board design.
April 2010. Master modem box houses the NiMH batteries, the charger (lower right), and the modem module (upper right).
September 2010. The master modem control box houses the power supply, current meter, and the RS232 to RS485 converter.
Sept. 28 2010. Assembled antenna in the Morpeth shop.
Sept. 29 2010. Assembled antenna on tower bracket ready to be lifted up...
Sept. 29 2010. Up she goes....
Sept. 29 2010. Top section zoom. UHF radio antenna visible just to the right of the dish...
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